Social Infrastructure

As part of the overall infrastructure facilities which support society and economy, and promote higher health, education and cultural standards, our experienced team of infrastructure managers and specialists provide a range of economic and engineering services, with particular focus on providing solutions to the challenges in developing countries, whilst navigating projects within complex political and economic environments. Our projects provide appropriate access to social infrastructure with the aim of turning local communities into ‘hired, housed, healthy and happy’, resulting in lasting, positive social and economic outcomes.

We support our clients in developing concepts and ideas, designing and implementing projects ranging from municipal structures (parks, recreational spaces), education (schools, equipment), health (hospitals and equipment) to affordable housing, with the aim to improve quality of life and living standards for the local communities.

Our clients rely on us to provide customized infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of local communities. We assist our clients in accessing funds for investment in social infrastructure and its main sectors – education, health and affordable housing – which are sub-categories of general infrastructure investment and as such are most critical for most of governments, authorities and communities.


Construction Management Service and Capacity Building in Flood Affected Areas of Pakistan
Design and Management
08/2011 – 04/2012

Client: AusAID, Pakistan

Consultancy services for designing and contract management for rehabilitation of schools, health facilities and rural water supply.

Consultancy Services for Investigation of Structural Damage in UNAMA Compounds at Multiple Locations
Design and Management
04/2012 – 03/2013

Client: UNAMA, Afghanistan

Investigation and determination of structural integrity of the selected buildings, recommendations for future usage and design of retrofitting measures and structural repairs.